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We are 90% microbes. And if we have the right mix of microbes in our guts we can protect ourselves against obesity, diabetes, inflammation, heart disease and auto immune diseases. Right now, I’m developing a gut health course with some great recipes and a strong focus on fermented foods (a key ingredient for a healthy...
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You don’t need to be a ‘hippy’ to take an interest in herbalism and alternative medicine. It’s becoming a popular choice for people wanting to avoid drugs and chemicals to improve their overall health and wellbeing the natural way. On our Cosmetic Herbalism course with fully qualified herbalist Heather Ware, we discovered that it’s not...
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It’s all about mindfulness and living in the moment at Get Cooking… October 10th signals ‘World Mental Health Day’ in the calendar, and the use of the word, ‘World’ illustrates how the strain on our mental health, is indeed, global. For us at Get Cooking, in Leeds, we  fully understand the issues at hand and...
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