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Natural Remedy in Leeds: Herbs for Health and Wellbeing

You don’t need to be a ‘hippy’ to take an interest in herbalism and alternative medicine. It’s becoming a popular choice for people wanting to avoid drugs and chemicals to improve their overall health and wellbeing the natural way.

On our Cosmetic Herbalism course with fully qualified herbalist Heather Ware, we discovered that it’s not just about herbs either- it’s about plants generally.

Many of them are free, and some are even lowly weeds in the garden!

One of our recent customers commented;

The course was useful on all sorts of levels’’. After discovering that herbalism could even save her hard- earned money. She added, ‘’It was a really nice group – the class was really good.’’

We can all benefit from knowing what could keep us feeling healthy and Heather would argue that its more about preventative measures than cures- and eliminating some of the stress out of life. If we can consciously begin choosing things that are good for us, like good food and connecting to nature.

Due to popularity we’ll be running the workshop again in July and in the Autumn, so why not come along and learn all about the power of plants and the helping hands of herbs.


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