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Gut health classes in Leeds: all about making prebiotic, probiotic fermented food & drinks and understanding the process

Mango Kimchi Mix

Scientists discover more and more about good gut health and how it can include a whole range of amazing benefits. From a healthier metabolism and better heart health, to improved immunity and mental wellbeing, it’s no wonder fermented food is continuing to be a trend, and why Emily loves teaching about it so much. As Emily continues to embrace gut health on her Get Cooking journey, she is developing a wider range of Feed Yourself Well classes. She teaches people how to make some key prebiotic and probiotic (fermented) foods and helps people understand the lacto-ferment process also how and why probiotic foods can help you. Importantly she shows you how to enjoy them!

What some people do not realise is that many probiotic fermented foods, available in supermarkets, are sadly lacking in the way of nutrients and flavour. For example, a lot of commercially made sauerkraut is pasteurised, and so most beneficial bacteria are destroyed. A very good reason to learn to make your own is not only because of this but because they taste so much better when they are home-made, and you can take your own cooking to another level with many more layers of texture and flavour.

At her most popular gut health class Emily teaches you how to make your own simple/traditional sauerkraut using the dry salting process. She also shows you the brining process which naturally pickles vegetables and gives you tasting opportunities to help develop your confidence and ideas on serving them. At the more in-depth (extended) class she also covers the importance and role of different fibres, including good pre-biotic foods that bacteria need to thrive on.  At both of these classes there is tones of information you can look at too, if you want to.

Her brand-new breakfast taster session is aimed at giving a quick overview of what good gut health ideally should include. It also provides an opportunity to see how fermented fruits are made. Customers eat these fruits in a healthier breakfast cereal with some home-made milk (diary or other) Kefir. (Emily explains how you can ferment diary, goat, nut or coconut milk). You even get to sample some of her mango kimchi -although not strictly a breakfast food!You may wish to take things further.

Find out about Emily’s Gut Health classes including the new out-and-about taster sessions she plans to run in some different venues in and around Leeds in 2024.

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