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How about carrying over the relaxing feeling of the summer into the beginning of autumn, continuing the slow pace of life with some slow cooking….? Get Cooking is renowned for its super fast dishes but also likes to indulge in some good slow cooking….and even better when we can pair it with the chance to...
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Imagine this … a snip of intricately patterned fabric, a shimmer of gold peeps through the material from a naked light bulb… and then the unmistakable smell of fresh scones in the air, hits your nose . No, you’re not in Liberty of London at Christmas, but you might as well be. Instead you’re booked...
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Welcome to my blog, I’m Emily, and if you’re on this page then we have a lot in common. I’ve been a lover of good food since I was a child, from saving my hard-earned pocket money to buy little tins of anchovies and olives to enjoying long leisurely al- fresco meals on family holiday...
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