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Imagine this … a snip of intricately patterned fabric, a shimmer of gold peeps through the material from a naked light bulb… and then the unmistakable smell of fresh scones in the air, hits your nose . No, you’re not in Liberty of London at Christmas, but you might as well be.
Instead you’re booked on one of Ali Dwight’s Lampshade making workshops with afternoon tea – Starting 22 September – the first of many craft classes at Get Cooking.

Perfect, even for beginners Ali says;
“What I want mostly is for people to relax and have a good time whilst learning a new skill. Each person on the course will make a 30cm drum lampshade from stunning prints and fabric, take away the knowledge to do the same at home and have the opportunity to make a lamp base from a quirky bottle. I’ll show them other little tricks too like gluing a trim or tassels to have a different finish to each shade.”

Emily and Ali go back some time, after Emily commissioned a retro Ercol Sofa and a Parker Knoll tartan armchair from Ali, many moons ago.

Not long after Emily opened Get Cooking it became apparent that a whole host of health, wellness and wellbeing workshops of the non- edible variety would also appeal massively to the lively local audience. Ali’s lampshade making workshop was born … and in fact there are a few newcomers to the course line- up such as ‘Cosmetic Herbalism’ and also ‘Cold Process Soap Making’.

The former guides you on a tour of the plant world and encourages you to welcome the healing properties of plants, for medicines, remedies and teas and even natural body creams, and include them in your daily life. It’s only £50 to learn how to make a natural product and take it home with you and this runs on Saturday 18th October.

The latter Soap making course is brought to you by the Fiona of the Saltaire Soap Company.
This crafting workshop teaches you cold compress methods of making traditional soaps from Lye. You’ll make a scented and unscented batch (approx 1kg) in perfect timing for stocking filler Christmas presents and you’ll keep the moulds to do it time and time again. This is also £50 and runs on 18th November.

The idea behind such a broad range of creative workshops stems from Emily encouraging people to come together, share learning and have a good time. Ali echoes this thought process “Get Cooking is about getting together with people, in a welcoming environment and enable people to try their hand at something new.”

To book on to any of the courses mentioned please email admin@get-cooking.org.uk to reserve a space. They’re limited so book soon to avoid disappointment.

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