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New Reflexology Classes in Leeds: Complementary Therapy at Get Cooking

Ever wondered what Reflexology is about? Perhaps you want to gain insight into this ancient technique and learn how treatments can help your body rebalance and heal itself in a relaxed, fun workshop?

Why not discover what happens in a Reflexology session? Join us at Get Cooking this Summer for a chance to practise some basic hand reflexology and discover how the therapy can release your ability to heal your mind, body and spirit.

Cathy investigates essential oils that can be used to enhance your experience and aid the rebalancing process. Finally, you will have the option to try a free 10 minute relaxing foot Reflexology session.

We spent some time with Cathy Baker who qualified as a reflexologist after completing an ITEC course at the Yorkshire School of Complementary Therapy in Harrogate last year and she told us what got her interested in reflexology, why she thinks it’s beneficial to people’s wellbeing and how she feels about running workshops at Get Cooking

I became interested after trying the therapy myself to cope with a particularly stressful time in my life. Shortly afterwards I was looking for something I could study whilst still working and could practise from home. After taking an exam in Anatomy and Physiology first, I completed my ITEC and qualified!

Reflexology benefits the mind, body and spirit in this busy world of ours. It helps re-balance your state of wellbeing. Relaxing music, gentle aromas and gentle massaging pressure on your feet help the body to rid itself of toxins and reboot.

I’m very excited to be sharing my strong belief in this therapy and explain how it can help you, your family and friends. I’m bringing a fresh, enthusiastic approach to help the body heal and rebalance.

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