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Three years on for Emily’s cooking classes in Leeds

It’s 3 years since Emily opened up the doors at Get Cooking in Farsley, and what a three years it’s been! Our bright and passionate founder reflects on what she’s learned and what’s next!

We asked Emily what she enjoys the most about Get Cooking

“I feel privileged for having such  a valuable experience in today’s fast-moving modern world. I get to give people opportunities to grow, develop and gain confidence. The people i meet regularly through organising or in the classes themselves I often have genuine connections with. What better way is there to live the moment, than to  come together and enjoy playing with simple ingredients ?”

Emily told us about some of her most precious learning experiences

“When things are busy, it’s easy to lose sight of our mission and what this is about. But there is nothing more rewarding than hearing positive feedback on my classes and knowing its changed someones relationship with food – for the better. Maybe someone cooks one of my recipes all the time at home, or they have made close friendships through our courses. The quietest classes used to unnerve me, but i discovered those are the ones where people are really immersed in the experience and getting a lot out of it.”

Lastly, we asked whats next for the cookery school?

” I’m someone who always has lots of ideas buzzing around, I’m open to new opportunities including other lifestyle ideas, workshops and collaborating with other people and businesses. I believe everyone needs encouragement to grow, and ill make sure we continue with that theme.”

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