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Wine Tasting in Leeds at Get Cooking – the Drink Talking

Part of looking at the vegan diet has meant a focus on vegan wine. Not all wines are vegan (because of the filtering process) and they are not always labelled clearly so you have to do your research.

Of course some people are considering a dry January but for Sophia from ‘The Drink Talking’, the thought of a life without wine is something she would rather not entertain. For Sophia her life IS wine, so at Get Cooking, we’re raising a glass or two to thank her for her insights in last Novembers slow cooking and wine pairing feast.

Sophia has been educated in wine from an early age and her father started a vineyard in Canada in 2005. She would spend every summer learning and working on the vineyard and then, later, in the winery hosting wine tastings. She loved it so much that she decided that a full- time job in the wine industry was what she needed and so began her career at a high-end wine merchants in Manchester. She thought she already knew something about wines but…

‘Oh how wrong I was! A customer asked me for a Claret, I scanned the shelves in panic and vain searching for a wine with that name, not realising that this is just the English term for ‘Bordeaux’! I learned so much from the customers, and the boss was very generous with opening wine and educating us through tasting.’

She started taking WSET’s (https://www.wsetglobal.com/) which are exams with the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Sophie went on to WSET Level 3 (advanced) and became qualified as a WSET educator.  The most interesting thing was talking with other wine lovers and introducing new wines to people.

Fast forward to 2017, when Sophia started her own business, The Drink Talking, which offers educational and lively wine tasting events around Leeds and York- its something we have absolutely adored linking her up with on, over at Get Cooking.

Speaking about the collaboration, Sophia says;

‘Emily had been passed my name by a Leeds wine merchant. When she got in touch i was over the moon! Her cookery school is brilliant so i was excited to join … Emily teaches how to cook exquisite dishes then I teach ‘how to pair food and wine’ – finishing off tasting the dishes and wines.’

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