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I strongly believe home cooking should be an utterly enjoyable and relaxed experience. It’s our mission to make sure that you love the whole business of cooking and eating as much as we do, in a way you never have before. We won’t be happy until we have made a difference to each and every one of your experiences in the kitchen, whatever your level of knowledge and skill.”

Emily Carey, Founder of Get Cooking


A home cooking school

Get Cooking is about you discovering the home cook in you, your passion for food that you can enjoy, show off and share. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced in the kitchen, if you want to cook fantastic food we can help. Delicious dishes that impress don’t have to be complicated, the simplest combinations can be the best, turning your mealtimes into the ultimate pleasure.

Each class or event is always a personal one teaching you simple, homemade and classic dishes to indulge in. New culinary skills are taught using fresh and wholesome ingredients – delivered to you in an accessible and friendly way.

Our cooking classes range from Mediterranean, Spanish and breadmaking to fermented food and drink (gut health) and natural cosmetic making to new cook and dine evenings. Our fast courses are where you will learn,  quick and easy dishes to fit into your busy lifestyles. We have lots of classes to suit vegetarians, flexitarians and vegans.

Crafting and wellness

To us, the principles of home cooking extend throughout home and lifestyle. That’s why, if you love making food, drink and beautiful dishes we’re sure you’ll enjoy our other wellbeing workshops too. Get Cooking is about doing more of what you love whatever that might be. Whatever you choose you’ll learn new skills and take something you’ve made home with you.

Team building events, parties and our venue

Whether it’s just you, a group of friends or a team; we want you to feel at home with us. We offer team building events for businesses and private parties centred around cooking and crafting.

Located in the vibrant area of Farsley, Leeds – a creative district with a growing number of independent businesses and eateries – we are easily accessible from other areas of Leeds and Bradford.

About Emily

Emily Carey has been teaching different groups of people to cook classic and original dishes for over eight years in various venues around Leeds. Driven by her passion to make cooking more widely accessible, Emily came up with the idea for Get Cooking in 2010 and has been continually developing her business and incorporating fresh ideas ever since; opening her unique cookery school in Farsley, Leeds, in 2016.

Where it all began

From a young age Emily was made to feel that food was something exciting to be enjoyed. She  grew up with parents who made most things from scratch and surrounded by a lot of culture – with a father teaching pottery and a mother involved with studying and writing books. Little cheeses, yogurt, bread, wine and beer were as well as clothes and some furniture were all home-made. Dinners were fashionably late and long drawn out affairs of mainly Mediterranean cooking influenced by Elizabeth David and many travels to France, Spain & Italy often squashed into an old Renault 4.

“ As a child I loved to spend my pocket money on things like olives and anchovies from little markets or shops. I also have a vivid memory of sitting in the school playground thinking I would probably end up working with food and teaching. It’s  funny to think back to those early hunches.”

Emily’s experiences of food continued to develop through a number of key people who strongly influenced her. It’s no surprise then that she has gathered a little food knowledge along the way.

In some senses Get Cooking wasn’t planned – it just grew. Emily has always had a eye for good recipes, good ingredients and a natural flair for knowing what foods work well together. Although a busy working mum she can always cook up scrumptious home cooked feasts for friends and family described as “ one of the most sociable people I know.” That with some of the new ideas is the ethos she brings to Get Cooking.

“Since opening Get Cooking, I’ve come to see the links between creating something, whether home cooking or crafting, and how it brings people together and makes everyone feel great. I’ve had lots of ideas about other exciting workshops that we can offer alongside cooking and it’s a joy to collaborate with so many talented artisans to add more events to the programme, all around crafting and wellness.”





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  1. Linda Gledhill


    I wondered if you had any beer brewing workshops running next year and if so do you have dates and information on prices.

    1. emilycarey

      Hi Linda,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the beer guys are unable to run any more courses as they are so busy their own craft ale company at the moment. It is something we are hoping to continue to offer but not for the foreseeable future I’m afraid.

      I would recommend that you check this out though.


      I can’t personally recommend it as I don’t know anyone that has attended, but they’re website and set up looks great!

      Best Wishes,

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