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Perfect Presents: Christmas gift ideas taken care of, with Get Cooking Gift Vouchers

We all know Christmas gift shopping can be difficult – what can I buy my husband or wife? what can I buy Mum? what can I get Dad for Christmas? How can we keep this whole thing a labour of love?

Well, for the super savvy Christmas shoppers amongst you in Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding areas, you don’t need to worry about that, this festive period.

What better gift could you give someone than a truly fulfilling experience? One that they’ll definitely thank you for and be pleased you’ve put so much thought into! When we’ve all lost count of the number of smellies and socks we’ve unwrapped, I can promise you that making memories suddenly feels more important than any number of objects.

At Get Cooking we’re proud to offer lovey card gift vouchers which come personalised and hand written to add that special touch to your gift. You can buy in increments of £50 which could be used on any one of our amazing half day courses, or could also contribute to the cost of a fantastic 4 week course, or full day course.

For the food lovers, choose from half day Spanish cooking, healthy eating, bread making, vegan cooking or Mediterranean. Longer length full day courses might include learning to brew craft ale, or slow cooking.

Gift vouchers aren’t just for the dedicated foodies though (although there are still plenty of 4 week courses they can choose from,) we have a huge selection of non -food courses such as lampshade making with afternoon tea, cosmetic herbalism, cold-pressed soap making and there’s even French Crepe making for the kids…

They’ll each learn some invaluable hints, tips and shortcuts from us that will help them add the final flourish to well established home cooking, or build the confidence they needed to try their hand at a crafty health and wellness course, and perfect a skill for life!

Whoever your gift is for, there’s plenty of choice and a whole lot of fun to be had at Get Cooking, Leeds.

Click here for full list of courses  and workshops or here to order our gift vouchers .